Service portfolio

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Analysis of the environment

We identify and characterize critical stakeholders in the sociopolitical environment. We analyze the social reality and political circumstances of areas our clients operate in, in order to understand the stakeholders’ perceptions, positions, and interests, through an assertive and strategic approach.

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Design of strategies

We apply proven methodologies and procedures in the design of strategies that will make our clients operation possible, through sociopolitical insertion of their projects in the various territories, avoiding improvisation before their groups of interest, minimizing risks, and maximizing environmental opportunities.

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Implementation of sociopolitical strategies

We implement and provide support to execution of strategies designed, guiding the companies in their relations, messages, and actions with stakeholders in their sociopolitical environment. We have ample crisis management experience: advice in conflict anticipation, planning, and decision-making processes, and support in difficult negotiations related to agreements with the environment stakeholders.

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Outsourcing of the Social Management operation

We provide to our clients the opportunity to implement and develop the social management operation through our team of social workers and communicators, trained in handling relations and strategic communications with the environment. We provide the infrastructure service and the necessary means for its execution.